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  • Sensinova

    Sensinova is a growing automation brand and leading manufacturer of motion sensors in India with an array of products like LED sensors, smart switches, smart locks, among other components. Their products have kept up to the reputation of being one of the best home automation companies. They implement creative solutions for all technological requirements, which gives them a superior edge over their competitors.

    They specialize in microwave sensors that are hassle-free and efficient. Delivering a range of automation products that add to the value and performance of the space is their primary goal. One of the most unique features is that their products have stood the test of time, be it in any unfavorable weather conditions or external issues.

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  • Digilux

    They specialize in automation systems by means of touch, voice, and mobile application control. With a Google Home and Alexa-supported system, Digilux has established itself as a pioneer for smart automation. Their specialization includes home automation, and strive to make residential spaces technologically updated.

    With features like scheduling that helps people organize their day better and enabling voice control, Digilux is the answer to discovering new avenues of modern housing. Some of their most prominent features include media accessibility, where you can integrate all your media with their automation products. Another one of their features includes temperature control, wherein the control of your house’s environment is right at your fingertips.

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  • Samsung

    An established leader in almost every field of technology, Samsung has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and automation is no different. The most popular innovation and technologically-advanced automotive solutions provider with a track record for the best quality. Among their many products include smart locks for your home or office.

    Samsung has leveraged years of goodwill and customer loyalty to deliver products that keep your home safe. With an efficient lock system that is perpetually tamper-free, rest-assured, your space is completely safe. With an amazing integration of technology and safety, Samsung is a pioneer in the process of ensuring a secure and high-tech workspace or residential space.

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  • Skroman

    Skroman is an automation company with an to aim inspire to live a hassle-free life, and they provide solutions for exactly that. Their wide collection of products includes sensors for drawers, wardrobes, and door locks, along with home automation. With futuristic designs, they make optimal use of technology to enhance your standard of living by giving your space the transformation it needs.

    While doing this, they pay extra attention and care to ensure your comfort through this transition. They specialize in components for commercial spaces, but their products can also be catered to other arenas. These products can also be used in factories or building automation, owing to their safety levels, durability, and affordable cost.

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